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Platelet Rich Plasma injections – PRP – at Oving Clinic

Oving clinic is able to offer a new treatment for Regeneration of soft tissues and improving cartilage health in osteo arthritic joints. The benefits of a course of three injections seem to last on average about six months they do not work as well in elderly patients or females who are very overweight. We have […]

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Coccydynia – how we manage this at the Oving Clinic

After attending the Paris International Coccyx symposium recently I decided to post our revised approach in the light of the latest information from world experts. The system by and large follows that of JY Maigne and Doursanien who have researched this problem for many years. Initial consultation After taking a comprehensive history, physical examination will […]

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Weight loss – challenging chestnuts

Over the last 30 years anyone trying to lose weight will usually have been given the advice: Restrict calorie intake and maintain a balance of complex carbohydrates (60%) protein (25%) and fat (15%). Despite this advice the nation has been growing fatter and heavier with an increase in Type 2 diabetes. New research has shown […]

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There are many different causes of back pain, almost any segment of the spine can be disturbed and give rise to pain. Most back pain is neither severe nor serious, and can be treated adequately at home. However, since pain anywhere in the back can be a symptom of a serious disorder, it is important that you have some idea of what might be causing your pain, so that you can decide what action to take.

The following diagnostic tests will help you to make that decision, and make a tentative diagnosis; however, only a doctor will be able to give a firm diagnosis of your symptoms. If none of the diagnoses fit your symptoms, you should see your doctor to find out what is wrong.

Where it is indicated that you must seek urgent medical help, call your doctor immediately or go to your nearest casualty department without delay. Where it is suggested that you should see your doctor, this is not an emergency, but you should consult your doctor within the next few days.

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