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None of our staff have been in contact with anyone known to have the infection at present. We are staying open, because we indirectly support primary care and the hospital services by reducing their load, enabling them to focus on seriously ill patients. We are following the Government’s guidelines as regards hygiene and physical distancing within all areas of the clinic.

Patients are asked not to attend if they have a cough, cold, fever or headache. Every patient is asked to use the antibacterial cleansing agent as soon as they arrive in the clinic and when they leave. Physical distancing is practiced in the waiting room. Direct contact will be avoided as far as possible. Obviously, in order to provide effective diagnosis and treatment some contact is necessary, but will be given with strict adherence to infection control measures.

Most people over 70 or patients who have a compromised immune system are staying away, and we endorse this. However, there are patients with sufficiently worrying symptoms or in severe pain, who do feel they cannot wait 3 months for medical attention, and we are happy to respect their wishes, providing they understand the risk they are taking by temporarily coming out of self-isolation.

Dr John Tanner FFSEM (UK)
Musculoskeletal & Sports Medicine Physician
Registered Osteopath

Amanda Baker
Specialist Nurse

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