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Platelet Rich Plasma injections – PRP – at Oving Clinic

Oving clinic is able to offer a new treatment for Regeneration of soft tissues and improving cartilage health in osteo arthritic joints. The benefits of a course of three injections seem to last on average about six months they do not work as well in elderly patients or females who are very overweight. We have […]

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Coccydynia – how we manage this at the Oving Clinic

After attending the Paris International Coccyx symposium recently I decided to post our revised approach in the light of the latest information from world experts. The system by and large follows that of JY Maigne and Doursanien who have researched this problem for many years. Initial consultation After taking a comprehensive history, physical examination will […]

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Weight loss – challenging chestnuts

Over the last 30 years anyone trying to lose weight will usually have been given the advice: Restrict calorie intake and maintain a balance of complex carbohydrates (60%) protein (25%) and fat (15%). Despite this advice the nation has been growing fatter and heavier with an increase in Type 2 diabetes. New research has shown […]

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Patients of the Oving Clinic can be referred by other practitioners, GPs. or consultants, or be self-referring. Initial contact is usually made over the telephone to one of our two reception staff. Telephones are manned during normal office hours and our answer machine is on outside these times. An appointment with one of our practitioners is usually available within a matter of days and every effort is made to accommodate the patients’ needs.

At the time of first attendance, all patients are asked to complete a patient registration form and sign a self-explanatory consent form.

Practice brochures are available from Reception so that patients might better understand the Oving Clinic ethos and a more detailed ‘in-house’ folder sits in the Clinic waiting area.

A Patient Complaints book is always available for comment, as are reception staff and individual practitioners. Patients’ attention is drawn to this jointly by the placement of a Philosophy of Care statement prominently displayed in the waiting room.

The Clinic has a Serious Incidents book to record any unusual incidents. Details are available in a separate folder, ‘Oving Clinic Procedures’.

Patients are welcome to bring relatives or friends (within reason) into the consultation and treatment environment.

Gowns and specified changing areas are provided for patient privacy and chaperones are available to attend during treatment if required.

Patients privacy, dignity and confidentiality are respected at all times.

It is Oving Clinic practice to keep the patient’s GP informed of the initial presenting condition and any significant changes in the treatment/outcome by referred letters. Permission to communicate with all interested professional parties is requested from the patient prior to initiation.


A thorough case history will be taken at your initial appointment. This will address the musculoskeletal problem you attend with and your past medical history.

Dependant on your symptom location, you may then be asked to undress down to your underwear (a gown and chaperone can be provided) so that your active joint movements can be assessed. A passive examination of movement will then be conducted. Special neurological and orthopaedic testing will be carried out if necessary. Investigations may be ordered: ultrasound scan, X-ray, MRI, blood tests, some of which are available on site. Referral to surgeon or other specialist may be discussed.

Once a diagnosis has been reached, this will be explained and discussed fully with you, as will the treatment and your expected prognosis. Your consent to treatment will be requested throughout to ensure your comfort with the proceedings and a letter outlining the diagnosis is sent to your GP.

Specific treatment will obviously depend on the diagnosis and the type of practitioner best suited to treat the condition. Time and a great deal of care is taken to gain a real understanding of your needs before deciding on the best course of action.

All Oving practitioners are registered providers with BUPA, PPP, WPA and all other major health insurers.

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