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It is essential for any sports person to minimise the impact of sports injuries on the ability to participate and complete. The importance of keeping people fit during the recovery process is vital. Cross-training, relative rest and support of injured structures make this possible.

Our team at The Oving Clinic offers an extensive range of treatments to achieve this. We have a wealth of experience within the sports injuries field. Some or all of the following services can be selected depending on the individual’s needs. We liaise closely with all parties: the sports person, coach, manager and GP


We provide early diagnosis in order to facilitate a speedy recovery; and full Sports Science back up for further analysis.


Treatment is carried out by Dr Tanner, who specialises in musculoskeletal and sports medicine, and our team of physiotherapists. This may include manual and assisted active mobilisation, injection techniques and electrotherapy.


Where necessary, we offer podiatry involving assessment of gait, lower limb function, biomechanical analysis and design of custom-made insoles.


After the tissues have recovered enough to take the strain, we direct a graded return to pre-injury fitness through physiotherapy. A variety of techniques are used to mobilise and stabilise problem areas: these include manipulation, specific exercise, postural training and taping. Preventative measures such as adjustment of training programme, correction of faulty technique,advice on equipment and specific stretching and strengthening programmes are used.


This can be achieved by identifying musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses; developing a personal programme; advice on nutrition; consultation with the coach; and full Sports Science back-up.


Advice on strapping, use of supports and ergogenic aids is provided.

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