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A thorough assessment is given to clients wishing to embark on this programme. This involves looking at areas such as cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, power, agility and coordination. A full medical history is also obtained.


After analysing information gathered from the assessment, our team of physiotherapists will work with clients to devise a personal exercise programme.


Nutrition plays an important part in the programme. A healthy, well balanced diet can help achieve fitness, a greater energy level, better complexion and positive attitude. We look at the individual’s eating habits and discuss how they could be improved.


Allowing time for rest and relaxation is essential. We look at different methods of relaxation and help clients choose the most suitable one for them.


Once the individual training programme has been prepared, clients are encouraged to continue with the exercises at home or at the gym. Follow up appointments are held at the clinic after 3-4 months and programmes updated. For those who find it hard to exercise on their own, we can provide a fully qualified personal trainer to visit the client’s home. Sessions may include jogging, step, aerobics, free weights, toning and stretching.

Trainers can also teach classes at the workplace.

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