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Good posture, correct breathing, digestion and co-ordinated activity of upper and lower limb movements are vital for spinal health. In order to achieve these we need stability, flexibility, strength and control. If you are in pain, one or more of these components is affected.


This is the first step and a full assessment of all factors is essential.

These include:

  • Posture and movement patterns.
  • Joint mobility.
  • Muscle weakness or tension.
  • Ligament strain or slackening.
  • Degenerative or osteoarthritic changes.
  • Nerve function.
  • Biomechanics (eg. leg length difference).


In most cases strains can be treated with osteopathy or physiotherapy using a variety of manual techniques and exercises. Sometimes even with mechanical back or neck pain, specialist assessment is necessary and investigations may be required.


Severe pain is assessed by our musculoskeletal physician, Dr John Tanner. Acute pain relief is provided by a variety of spinal injection techniques for conditions such as disc prolapse with sciatica or a trapped nerve in the neck.


There are a variety of chronic pain relief techniques available at the Oving Clinic. These include utilising X-ray guided control to achieve targeted placement of medication and radio frequency thermal denervation. Fibroproliferative therapy to strengthen damaged or weakened ligaments is given as a course of treatment and followed with rehabilitation.


Rehabilitation programmes and home exercises are devised by our physiotherapists, and advice on preventative measures is given.

If you have further questions about this procedure please contact us.

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