Petra Tanner graduated from the Academy of Physiotherapy in Amsterdam in 1984.

After coming to this country to experience the workings of the NHS for herself she developed two sides to her career: paediatrics and sports/manual therapy. Petra has run private musculoskeletal clinics in the UK and Bermuda since 1988.

Currently, Petra is the principle physiotherapist of the Oving Clinic, as well as overseeing the management of the Clinic at all levels.

Petra has written a number of papers on pain and the restoration of central nervous tissue, and lectured on connective tissue massage, sports specific treatment and various manual therapy treatment methods.

Petra, being an able sportswoman herself, has a keen interest in the treatment of sports injuries. She has been involved in sports medicine since her student days when she started with the Dutch women’s first basketball team. She has been involved in a wide range of sports: climbing, cycling, fell- and road-running, tennis, sailing, martial arts, triathlon, ultimate Frisbee, dance, horse riding to name but a few. Petra also has detailed knowledge of a variety of musical skills which enables her to treat her patients with more specificity.

She has trained in Active Release Technique under Dr. Mike Leahy. ART is currently the preferred treatment at the ironman triathlon events in the USA. Petra is full body and biomechanics qualified and spends some time every year with Dr.Leahy updating her skills.

Petra has announced her retirement from clinical practice for health reasons and will be sorely missed. We wish her well after a long and successful career and will do our best to ensure that her former patients are placed with the right practitioner for any ongoing treatment and new problems.