Flexibility training

The myths:This is traditionally regarded as an important component of fitness but perhaps has been overemphasised in the past. Flexibility is less important than stability in the spine, and of moderate importance in the peripheral joints depending on what you want to do.Genetics plays the largest part in whether you become a ballet dancer, acrobat, or contortionist. Females are more flexible than males.When it comes to muscles it is important that full length i.e. relaxation is achievable for normal function and full strength.Tendons don’t need flexibility but strength and endurance. Repeated overstretching of tendons including the iliotibial band achieves very little gain in length and is mis-directed attention.Pre sport warm ups should emphasis the warming up part i.e raising heart rate, body and muscle temperature, practising the techniques gently, than stretching tight muscles and tendons from the cold. All the evidence does not support stretching to prevent injury. If you are going to stretch do it after the jog or run.

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