Standing CT – a new service at the Oving Clinic

Over the last few months of lockdown under the Coronavirus threat people have been walking, jogging and exercising more than ever. This is good but inevitably for some, this has brought to the surface underlying issues with ankle, foot and lower limb mechanics causing painful problems.

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Corona Virus Precautions at Oving Clinic

We are following the Government’s guidelines as regards hygiene and physical distancing within all areas of the clinic. Patients are asked not to attend if they have a cough, cold, fever or headache. Every patient is asked to use the antibacterial cleansing agent as soon as they arrive in the clinic and when they leave.

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Cryotherapy for skin lesions

Oving Clinic can now treat unsightly or disturbing skin lesions using Cryotherapy, which simply means treatment using low temperatures with liquid nitrogen.

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Pioneering treatment for Rio

The Manchester United and England captain needed the glucose jabs to cure his crippling back injury which turned him into “an old hunchback” and threatened to KO his place in Fabio Capello’s squad for South Africa.

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The 13th Everest Marathon in December

Hello my name is Petra Tanner. Most of you know me as physiotherapist at Oving Clinic or Tim Hills crew on sunbeam Query. This year I have decided to run in the 13th Everest Marathon in December. (Yes I like a challenge)

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