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Throughout the last two and a half months we have been following the Government guidelines and have been gradually reopening our services. We are now open from Monday to Thursday for online consultations, face to face consultations and treatment where safe and appropriate.

We are Covid19 free to date and wish to remain so. We are wearing masks and other PPE,  cleaning all contact services, applying social distancing measures inside the clinic where possible.

Patients are urged not to attend if they have had or are having symptoms suggesting viral infection within the last 14 days. (Cough, fever, headache, breathlessness, muscle pains, loss of smell or taste, and gastrointestinal symptoms).

If you have been in contact with anyone who has gone on to develop Coronavirus, please isolate for two weeks from the time of that contact before attending.

If you think you have had Coronavirus more than 3 weeks ago you can have an antibody test here (cost £50).

When you attend please leave your partner /friend or relative outside to wait. Unless you are under 16 years of age.

Please wear a mask or we will provide you with one. Please cleanse your hands on entering the clinic with gel provided.

Appointments will be spaced adequately to minimise people contact and allow time for cleaning clinical and contact surfaces between patient appointments.

Please be aware that steroid injections lower the immune response slightly for up to one month, increasing the risk of CV19 infection.

Dr John Tanner and Staff
15th June 2020

If you have further questions please contact us