OrthoEvidence. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Injection Versus Control for Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy: Powered by OE M.I.N.D.. OE Original. 2021;4(11):5. Available from: https://myorthoevidence.com/Blog/Show/159



  • OE M.I.N.D. contains data from 739 RCTs related to shoulder conditions with nearly 120,000 patients, and is a powerful and efficient tool to auto generate evidence reports regarding a clinical topic.
  • Patients with rotator cuff tendinopathy who received a single or two doses of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection demonstrated superior outcomes in composite clinical outcomes compared with those who received placebo or dry needling in follow-up longer than 3 weeks.
    PRP injection demonstrated superior outcomes in pain compared with those who received placebo or dry needling in follow-up duration of more than 3 weeks to 6 months. There was no significant difference between PRP injection and control in pain within 3 weeks or in 6 to 12 months of follow-up.
  • Injection of PRP appears to be safe for treatment of rotator cuff tendinopathy. No serious adverse events were reported post treatment.
  • There are 2 studies aiming to recruit 40 patients currently ongoing studies that investigates the effects of PRP in treating rotator cuff tendinopathy using data from clinicaltrials.gov. There are 35 studies aiming to recruit 1301 patients currently ongoing for an intervention of tendinopathy in the shoulder.
  • In most published studies related to PRP and shoulder, the variable of visual analogue scale for pain and a follow-up of 12 months are reported.

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