Do you have unsightly or disturbing skin lesions?

Unsightly skin lesions corrected

Why not visit our skin lesion nurse who may be able to advise and offer simple and inexpensive treatment?

Different types of skin lesion

Practitioner available for Cryotherapy – Amanda Baker (SRN) Specialist Pain Nurse

Cryotherapy simply means treatment using low temperatures with liquid nitrogen. Our system uses a fine jet targeted at the lesion. We have different size applicator tips for different size lesions. The treatment causes minimal discomfort initially until the area freezes.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is carried out in the clinic under an outpatient appointment with a practitioner. The appointments usually take between 10/15 minutes; however, the first appointment may take 30 minutes and for some treatments, several visits maybe required. These are usually repeated over regular intervals.

What conditions can be treated with cryotherapy?

Skin, skin tags, age spots, warts, actinic keratosis, verrucas, Mila, cherry angiomas and minor skin imperfections

After the procedure

Adverse effects of cryotherapy are usually minor and short-lived. Over the next few days, a scab will form, and this can take one to two weeks and on occasion a little longer to fall off, although for some patient’s discoloration and scarring is possible particularly on the legs.


£50 initial including treatment, £50 subsequent treatments (for same lesion)

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